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Track Name: Introducing the Majesty and All-Loving Wisdom of Emcee Kilgore (Prod. by Sm^th)
carry the weight of the world/ paid to feign interest/ do everything on the principal/ but be sure to pay the interest/ cause if the pennies is pinched/
then bitch what is the difference/ can't be planed if i'm always playin defendant/ similar circumstances to kendrick/ king of my craft/ but with less
connections, wax, and a lighter pigment/ i know this skill isn't a figment/ of my imagination state the obvious/ kilgore's sentiment's lightyears
beyond sentience/ phineas gage/ could take a pen to the brain/ and remain mentally head and shoulders winnin the game/ or above it/ brother it's love/ if the sun comes up tomorrow/ hope you won't shun it/ bummy as fuck but run shit/ no need for that gun shit/ but really dumbshit/ you realize my eyes are constantly open/ don't miss a fuckin thing/ big brother boastin/ awoke in a komono doped as shit/ woe is he who hasn't soaked in this dopeness/ now that yr roped in volume two is in focus/ and i'm more cloaked than the pope/ third eye open/ stoked to flow for you folks/ no coast but remain coastin/
Track Name: Scatman (Prod. by Keith Price)
redd foxx, boxin off a box of wine and some bok choy/ chalk it up to chalk lines/ hot coffee/ and cold sores/
got more cash troubles then lauren hill / yeah but i'm scorin foreign chicks cause
i'm borin as hell/ sportin a sorta corrigan wail/ sure i'm kinda pauly shore, poor and in jail/ andy dick/ off the andy richter scale/ support pale men rockin
hell yeh/ she said it's nirvana when this nine inch nails/ rape me/ catch a case/ is it just like you imagined/ magic school bus to the center/
of her g-spot/learned her a lesson/ god bless this odd obsession/ high as george jetson/ fly as george jefferson

don't smoke sess i confess my depressions lessened/ since i sipped that silver can/ and first bumped lactose and lecithin/ test scores mostly average/ but my
vocab was s&m/ got that shit locked up/ no safety word/ no don't/ pay me nerd/ i lifted these beats just to murder em/ kidnapped em/play absurd/ whey and curds/ way
encouraged to hate me/ lip flap till that shit rap's wrapped up in a zip lock and my lips chapped till i can't spit that/ tit for tat fam/ sit back and watch em
get thinner like stephen king with the lap band/ little bit of cash in my hand/ yeah i scrap cans/ took a cat scan to confirm i'm the illest cat man do you
i'm fuckin scat man
Track Name: Happy Daze (Prod. by RENK)
foucoult's pendulum the way the kid revolve around the benjamins/ you dudes too saccharine entenmann's/ i make a bitch gag like a mouth full of cinnamon/ in the end
got no reservations just like a lost indian/ drink a fifth of henny then sin again and again/ rin tin tin/ you dude's barkin/ defendin the pendant again/ but i'm
never defendant so i persue often/ lost causes/ like why a kid flow in that rude jargon/ and the synonym of kilgore is dude sharkin/ fuck a fonzarelli/
i don't lose often/ but marion got this pot see/ then got me loose off it/ then joanie gave me a rich-e/ and then i startin airin like chachi/ it ain't no happy day
but the rappin stay buzzin like watts see/ it's electrifying like the rock/ on a crotch rocket/ swallowing a hot totty/ prolly a gotti/ apollo creed how i weather
the storm/ and get cocky i'll leave you battered and torn like rocky/ you think you ill/ check you like hockey/ you think you a giant/ i guess we'll see who got
the bigger posse
Track Name: Old Anderson (Prod. by Nu Vintage)
village idiot/ pillage a city for a stale philly/ achilles heel/ gritty zeal/ give her the mystery meat/ question the lesson/ i'll go grippin the steel/ reserve/
no gun bars/ no dumb lars/ ulrich/ download it for free/ what i give a fuck for?/ snuff ya like copenhagen/ in a rut/ shut the front door/ fuck
you/ i'll censor myself/ cant make sense of my self/ flippin the sensory stealth/ ughhh/ big bang theory/ tang merely/ kick in the glass/ stone cold entrance/
kickin yr ass/ spittin so fast/ stones' throw records/ fill in the gaps/ freal i'm the best rapper alive/ britain yr cash/ time and a half/ leave ya mimin
for dimes/ to buy whippits/ i cosine my own rhymes/ divide sides/ there's no limit/ roe v wade/ called as the codefendent/ every time/ i don't pull out/ i'm
all in it/ some small penance/

call me paper weight/ hold down so much paper/ with stacks this wacky/ hard to decipher which caper/ you getting caked from/ bake sale or bootleg raekwon/
outta trunk in pakistan/ state farm/ insured the kid sick/ swine flu/ leave the bacon/ but let us take the lettuce/ the bestest flow/ pest control/ festus
smoke guns/ toke blunts/ investible/ leavin best in show/ and i ain't wrote once/ it's all mental/ pall mall menthol/ in a rental

i'm ghost writing with a host of vipers
that'll spit some potent venom in yr cypher/ cold shoulder/ consistent lifer/ bench press my bars get a bent arm/no karma/ outta harms way/ kite flyer/
lightnin striker/ ya'll on some soft shit/
dirty diaper/per diem/ sure to feed em with those hot bars/ all you can eat em/ hole in the sheet em/ goyem/ enjoy toy story three/ holy moly three dee/three holes/
gee whilikers it's gettin gory/ goro stomp you/ motherfucka as clean as 409/ sun don't shine when he's lifted and it's oe time/ poor poet with an old whip
and a foley smile/ police the old easy style/ ole anderson/ arn anderson/ known to get canned in the slammer for brandishing/ plan to be the man cancelin
subscription plans of yr man's en them/ they're like, where's my popular mechanics got em panickin/ lampin in tampa with three star-eyed
bitches libra, pices, and cancer.

if you're owin i'll drop ya from the rafters/ cue the nervous laughter/ mad hatter/ hard to read like a captcha/ bill paxton character actin/
putcha out to pasture/ faster than a bolt stunner captive/ captain stabbed em/ with the metal hook/ the kettle black/the ketel one/ that fennel
cooked/ i peddle back/ that pleasant funk/ baretta hat in the sun/ vendetta for the fetta eatin some bruschetta with a cunt/ crude language/
dude spanglish was a good flick/ catchin me rollin my r's/ pullin a new trick/ eatin' salmon upstream on some cool shit/ el el them cool j's/ stool softener/
not in the pool kid/ spit with infectious inflections/ you probably coulda guessed huh? the host with the mos prolly gunna leave em def huh?/
Track Name: Unkel Gabis (Prod. by Budd Hello)
it's gettin hella cold girl/ come warm up to me/ keep me company/ call me jack tripper/ jack the ripper/ jack be nimble/ jack me off/ jack it quicker/ jack is liquor
so i'll return the favor/ flavor flav stop watch/this shit's heavy/ raver girl rave/ hot sauce/ commit felny's/ that's that silly shit my fans expect from me/i
need some expectorant player/ c'mon lemme breathe/ i'm at the chi chi's with three she's rock 3d's/ peace me out/ key to the palace/ soul seek me out/ on the whole
i'm half as wack as you cats all preachin bout/ expensive booze and shoes and whatever else yr speakin about/ i drink 99 cent cans of malt till i'm salty/ hop on a
track and carpe so-diem yr local gas station clerk wouldn't card me/ hardly hardy/ no mystery how/ ya gotta fin me to shark me/ and i ain't bein found/ till i'm
in the ground/ in an unmarked grave/ remarkable suede suit/ expensive worm food/ rick rude prick spew thick juice kick new views/ jean claude van god damn/
drink mad brews

most people say i'm quite a pleasure to be around/ especially when i'm the most down fried cat in korea town/ eat a pita pocket then peter parker at the speed of
sound/ hit the web with my presence/ spit the venom irreverent/ kilgore heaven sent with vendettas that's deadin in/ catch a predator/ chris hanson/ wrists
skinny/ me and this bitch scammin to get our hands on the ransom/ purchase a mansion for grams/ fund cures for cancer and ban hand-guns/ buy a chain of panda
expresses/ rap game game rappin/ from soup kitchens to basements/ boom bap same lame captain/ pissed the loops skippin arrangements/ skip to the lou gehrig's/
too careless or ruthless/ keep it up with the loosies then i'm bound to be toothless/ grandfather swagger/ send you a royalty check for twenty fo bucks/
no fucks to spare/ rarely go nuts/ rogaine hairless armstrong and strong arm any kids disrespectin their parents/ piss rotten/ spare the asparagus/ catch me
diggin up tails and skull like a paleontaligist...smokin loosies loose leaf true speak /yr crew weak i'm unique /the iron sheik in finer attire bumpin rvivr/
somethin inspired/ three's company on tv land i'm in heaven/ elevator music on the escalator/ double 7 and 7's/ revel in the fact that i'm phil seben/ got cash
and an eye patch/ spit long scripts like a reverend/ unleaden but pleasant kevin bacon type steez kid/ got a steak in the game like i'm outback/ space in the
mean whip/ aussie/ drink a fosters snort some sheen shit/ stephen hawking/ rock and lean shit
Track Name: Still Gamecubin' (Prod. by Budd Hello)
i'm a bastard with my beat rap can't gnash through me with teeth capped receieve daps from common riff
raff like i was dirt nasty, spittin so emphatic my caps lock key is all mashed in, call me kid dynamite,
takin cheap shots over some blast beats, creatin youth anthems, kids in mansions throwin tantrums,
then bro-in clown in daddys audi silly system let em down i'm billy corgan tour through town with
a new band and a new sound and i'll abandon truth in bars like i'm a fuckin pick up artist

slow down at the hoe down hotel guzzle that whole bottle of crown leave me missin pieces like a puzzle
muzzle them brothers who's testin cause the struggle's just an excuse for the fuckin buttholes who don't hustle
dude you ain't qualified to supervise that group of guys who's scoopin my super size soup and fries/ stupid but true
but the ruthless lies of the dude with google eyes will leave you searchin almost for certain

i'm a regular fella with hellish intentions/ bent on ascenscion/ can't repent what you can't legally mention/
spent my stint in the kitchen/ learned that fire ain't a thing to fenced in/ but i ain't nervous for when
this shit ends/ cause i'll cash in this pitiful pension/ purchase stock in steel reserve/ and lamp in a
days inn in denton/ start a death metal band/ call it mountin goats/ praise be to satan/ new statesman/
new old wu tang slang in a basement/

still gamecubin' the lame rube/super smash brothers/ tanqueray and some strange brews/ the tame's choose famed shoes they soul calibur so weak/ yr girl's
at pole position one/ stole yr commission and she holed up in additon son/ with a old rold gold/ twist her like a pretzel/ spun her like a dreidel/ thank god
i'm circumcised/ that bacteria's fatal/ baccalaurate stay trill/ papal/ watch me bless ya/ no ascending/ stay still/ catch a pest you guessed correctly/ used
the bail money to pay bills/ ray ill/ no hindsight/ but i play my mind right in the lime light/ faith hill/ sisyphus/ geddit? i live with this/ piss drunk on
a monday morning/ whippits, winstons, the village idiot/ in a hyundai scorin'/ road dome listenin to norah jones/ fly like an eagle/ steve miller, lsd, bitch
keep that shit kegeled out/ now i'm hella skeeved/ beanie siegel blitzkrieg em out/ ramona moanin' bumpin ramones zonin' to conan/ talk show/ hawk eyin the stock
photo's/ i got a camera/ a watermark with an ill logo/ and i'm litigious loco/
Track Name: Blue's Clues (Prod. by Nu Vintage)
roseanne bars/ bottle of rose/ coppin that jose till i'm a slow jam star/ off the chain like django/ o.j's car/eatin lo mein in a gold chain/
old folk art/ how i'm spittin it so grungy/ watch that cobain spark/ rogaine/ hair brain/ in that dolce scarf/ copped for 3 bucks at a good will/
deal from cocaine stars/ like hank hill in a punk band play my pro-pain part / sure to set a sentiment straight alliteration/ pace the game
ain't no time for wastin/ i'm the face of the organization/ so i'm savin the game like a memory card/ advanced placement/ stay straight on the
aim/ won't misplace the/ shame of the racist/ ancestors awake for their reignin/ i got john stamos game/ pushin yogurt on the ladies

laverne and shirley wakin early/ brewery/ you and me/ hope you ain't late like truancy/ and if you are i hope yr pro choice/ so moist/ faux
poise/ poison cover band/ and we post-noise/ finger poke of doom/ doin shrooms in a bathroom/ get her cat soon/ i'm smooth/ vidal
sassoon/ things are gettin' nutty watch me cash you/ pass through with a sashay no passport/ bitch blowin low like a bassoon/ gettin head like
she's on bath salts/ cukoo for yr dude/ true/ stupid how he grew to/ spew this new age/ brew rage voo doo/ king koopa shell you for some
new shoes/ stomp a mudhole/ goddamn he's stone cold/ it's obvious/ blues clues
Track Name: Lay Down Feat. Stunt Pilots (Prod. by XXYYXX)
On a track's where the ghost of my past meets the ghost of my future/ and they sweat tryna close the loop herb/ the only thing that suits when this loose leaf get me looser/ and try to tie the noos/ i'm freebasin like a freemason in a cougar/ the mercury's rising like is it time to boost the luger?/ lexicon light ages past you losers/ flexin on em/ confess you gone on the texts he's flauntin upon the masses/ gassed after the first bar like you grapplin sonnen/ then it dawns on you when he spawn on you/ devilish in every way run a long con on you/ get it wholesale like he pawn on you/ gettin that petty cash watch me fawn on you/ you a shrimp constantly prawn on you/ raunchy sonnets that astonish dude
Track Name: GUFF (Prod. by AbnormL Injustice)
the philly burnin silly hercules back to rack another track /factually actually /more crack than bobby brown sacks/ the anglo saxon brak/ swimmin with the adults/ so wavy/ pray please
allah/ let these bitches holla daily/ phase me?/ doubtful consistently spit a mouthful/ like an amateur porn star/ forlorn shorn and goin raw in a foriegn car/ that don't get released for weeks/
peace to freaks that wanna freak with me frequently/ keef in a sleeper seat/ so chic how the reaper peep/ the kid and know it aint time to go/ the flow sicker than asbestos/
rap game festus ezeli/ guess the cess is really/ first round pick see me poppin wheelies on a razor scooter in a hooters/ watchin looper/ it's a good day to die hard/
so my shooter's aimin super duper/ dupe her into a three way/ cat with three chains bumpin freeway/ she say i'm a beast blame/ skinemax late night/ when i was a youngin/ limpin back to famous amos to get my snack game right you lames snipe mean muggin you the ass stain type/ laugh at the crass brain type/ run when an ass beatins planned/ gassed famed type/ i'm the type to make sure tha girls ass game tight/
before i smash till daylight/ pass the flames right/ stay miched/ cause i'm known to spit fire while sleepin/ schemes fried for days/ leave you weekend/ priests fiendin for chump change from chumps who fleeced before they begin to put palms together sheeps peepin the promised land fuck that give me/ three cans of malt liquor and a bitch with 3 ds in the cup size/ and that's enough for me/ oh and some green to puff for relief of these demons always wanting to guff with me/stuff cheeb in a ruck sack and run with me/ cock the snub back don't front when son shine it's a custom b/ customary to find the kid scary
when hustlin geeks/ watch him rush like geddy lee on speed/ amphetamines/ ketamine/ ready made to dead a g/ lyrically fearless/ empirically peerless/ feel the realness or fallback and enjoy the weird shit my spirit emits
Track Name: Killenium (Prod. by Biro)
reprobate/ catchin cases/ beat em/ 808/ ma dollar sign e/ college style debate em/ kasey kasem/ every hit's a top 40/ every beat a top drawer beat/ score
cheese like a conniseur/ or wait/ that'd be rate em/ place em in order then trade secret display em/ twin peaks/ again geeks/ maybe you get it now/ pen to paper/
pendulum capers/ frenulum face em/ akin to a chase scene/ i pace mean/ waste the fake g's/ front fake degrees/ paisley pasties on these ridiculously fake
d's/ play to my strengths and drop out/ wasted dreams/ replace space with a vacuum and basically/ turn from heel to face at the speed of light/ but we don't fight/
we drink keystone/bump b bone/ and read shit on the internet/ nah i ain't finished yet/ minimum synergy/ finicky females getting the scent of me/ penalty/ droppin
hot shit in the same damn spot/ kennel chief/ this steel reserve might be the end of me/ but i'll end on a side note/ wino with no wine/ no i'll end on a high note/
kilgore's got the spine and cock of a rhino/ i know/ it's unbelievable/ call me ripley/ spit it filthy/ split it iffily / will smithily/ kilennium/
Track Name: Yanni Cash Feat. Young C (Prod. by Sm^th)
wrote hopelessly to the ghostly pope today/ he told me heaven was a stones throw away/ so i put on madvillainy and rolled a j/ soul sold told the devil make me dope and hey
he held up his end of the bargain so these profit margins lookin okay/ what the fuck am i supposed to say/ be falsely modest/ while i'm lining my pockets and poster boastin/ coast to coast
focus even the filler's golden/ call me midas/ tightest flow in the show today/ you intense? fold the poles up and go away/ stole the show it's the showman's way/ so shocking how eel
pose for days while burnin trees and laughin like seth rogen token toking dude broke through with a broke tooth in the vocal booth/ tolkien low on the shire/ conspire to drop more bars than
folsom dude/ get more cash than johnny/ get more ass than yanni/ who's gives a shit if it's all middle aged/ it pays to play the middlin way/ raised to raise a middle finger to
the fakes who just stay a phase/ more nothing than deep space/ blow more than a breezy day/
Track Name: RIC FLR JNT (Prod. by Tone P.)
things been weird science since the kid rhymin like alchemy once feared giant but spit above everyones head like a balcony/ falconly talents the kid out for cheese/ so chucky play the back seat while i fromage powerfully/ power plays i've played for days while blazin in dazes/ blazers with razors for whent they doubtin me/ i'm the fresh prince french kissing a french bitch/ but the stench south got me swervin out the sheets/ she's pouting but i gotta look out for me/ complexity gotchu hexed regularly/ got the heads beggin for more beef tongue so i'll throw some curve balls in the recipe/ nerves shot/ artfully peak like Eduardo Recife/ the cargo got my car carvin with extra speed/ but won't wreck the jeep got specs worth more than yr whole set ya see/ 20-20 hindsight/ get my mind right/ climb heights bright as divine light in spite of the wine vino the dry pipe/ these kids retroactively pass the buck/ actually ask daddy for bux/ while i'm cashin on brash cats/ harrassin em for fucks given/ its thanksgivin/ give thanks even the real cats aren't passen em up/ i'm Phil Banks so i fill tanks with diesel/ tanking through Tienemann Square blank stare while i puff/ stuff a dutch in the middle consonle/ x-boxin a little so i let the window ride slow/ down till you'd swear the car is on fire/ medical card on file so the 5-0 can sit stew and bitch for a while/ you play the bench as i'm the center of attention/ play my power forward but keep my guard up cause these dudes scared of ascension/ threw a wrench in the works/ shit it's my last name it's only right that i lynched em/ every body thirsty but this ebt won't cop the malt/ so i do the clerk dirty/ stuff em in the pants and hit the mall/ round three thirty get a bagel and a Philly to burn while these nerds scurvy/ pop a purple, a green, and an Imodium so swervy/ showin up like barney/ i'm dana carvey sparrin a star g/ kiss the blarney stones/ phone home to the telly for some home grown/ got a thick chick moanin/ ya'll sleepin on the kid/ young melatonin/ fuck ice on the wrist i'm too busy roastin/ coast to coast like space ghost coastin offa four loko/ posin and boastin and beastin/ the keef isn't regional/ see the dude feastin or fastin/ depending on the day of the week/ plastered cashin in like retirement plans fuck you asshole/ bitching? you can hit the fast forward/ its well known that i rap slow pass it left before i pass out/ free money like Castro/ and if the cash low i'll convert it to passo's, pasos?/ ok bro if you say so keep em wet if her pipes clogged call me draino/ insane flow in the vein of young daddy kane/ ain't no half steppin/ cash in weapons/ stock market this might be your last lesson before i snap brethren/ slim jim drop an elbow in rap sessions/ spazzed like tazz on a mission/ fuck the world pissin ditch em leave their domes glistenin crimson/ if they won't listen dont get scared/ i'm ric flair/ droppin knowledge like Sinclair Upton/ corrupt and they love it/ and if not fuck it/ i'm gettin doe/ and if not than i buck it/ d-x amount of bitches they suck it
Track Name: BARS (Prod. by HARRISON)
Yo I gotchu outclassed like go to the principal no hall pass small glass how I sip off residuals left handed pall mall how the contact got me buzzing on the visual genital wizardry gotcha bitch lookin quizzical my physical got me pigeonholed shout out to pigeonholes break barriers like a hurricane spin through bars so pivotal see ya twisting my words it's a curse critical acclaim but lame's SLEEPIN on it like what pussy whipped dudes do in the living room literal sis boom bah listen to doom lifted off shrooms goons askin when the mixtape drop put it on a wish list kid soon stop it come off it pauses
While I load up on the caustic yeah I'm flowin like a faucet stow some dough inside my coffin so I can bribe satan to lemme lamp in his basement playin playstation watchin blu rays goin ape shit/ get wasted on my day to day shit/ you all pay to play shit/ tip the scales my way kid/ get this payment/ or we can watch how you walk lame kid/ bop this way and i'll show you the definition of a sadist

I'm wacky with the vocab so ill enjoy the schadenfreude when you spit pussy angles like ya catty cornered don't make me get my baddies on ya sling mad dough out in California pizza kitchen Allah burn ya god repented or represented the murder hot box with Mohammed how I keep the head wrapped ill illiterate but revered keep my deads strapped heavy as lead keep the bread stacked till I can start a bakery cut the fakery even a game genie couldn't cheat me believe me my verses be neato mussolini get more stares than a he she in church cut the preachy lurks before I pop atchu like 3d get 5 dollar pizzas and 99 cent malt liquor to share with my dudes who spit that gestalt slicker halt quick who got the fault quicker, oj or Zimmerman Cocaine in the zipper get bitches wetter than flipper fam you more zzzs than tryptophan testin is a risky plan unless the lesson plans been written on the back of your hand and if you so you can meet the back of mine cracker snappin spines like undertaker rest in peace recipes to cook up ill bars guess it's a blessing chief thunder under the punches major your bars cunt flavored take the brunt of the blunt play to the pay dirt stay yerked smash her stay grappling like vader all kinds of vapor leave me shining like lasers
Track Name: The End, Shout Outs, Ill Bars (Prod. by Sm^th)
j tucked for when i wanna fuck with the fader/ alotta her's say my oak lands like a raider/ post in sanskrit/ paydirt for the labor/ the moon's waning so i wax all the haters/ wore holes in the floor cause i'm a copious pacer/ gropey but loaf in the loafers for days sir/ capers that ain't savory/ wave to the white based savior/no coast but stay wavier/ and keep away from the line like a waiver/ daily check if my fate's cash flow related or fashion forward playboy/ hash tag amazing/ dine and dash at an olive garden/ right past the maitre d'/ hastily case a geek/ pasty maybe/
but flow never copy and pasted g/ crazy like gacy but never clown when the sound on the rack/ kilgore carry every motherfuckin town on my back/ young atlas/ put my town on the map/ you ain't around for the clap/ getcha self wound down/ volume 2 is a wrap